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We care about your pet's health and happiness

To keep everyone involved at French's Four Paws Inn safe and healthy, your pet must be current on his or her inoculations. For more information, please call to speak with a member of our staff.



Happy, healthy, and safe

For the safety of not only your pet, but for the other pets and our staff members, we require proof of vaccinations for your pet prior to boarding them with us.

Immunizations must be given at least 10 days prior to boarding.

If you don't have your pet's shot record, contact your veterinarian who will provide them for you.

Your pet's health
If your pet is suffering from any health problems, please let us know at the time you schedule your pet's reservation.

If necessary, we will take your pet to the nearest emergency clinic, so please be sure to leave us an emergency number where we can reach you or someone you've designated as your trusted contact person.

Your pet's health and safety are top priority

If you are an established customer with us, please bring updated copies of your pet's shot record when he or she receives new inoculations. We prefer to have a copy of your pet's immunization records prior to your arrival. You may email or mail a copy, if you prefer. You may also bring it the day you arrive . Pets will not be accepted without up-to-date vaccinations. The following vaccinations are required:


  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo combo
  • Bordetella


  • Rabies


Pet inn

Your pet's happiness, safety, and health is important


Things to bring

  • Immunization record.
  • Food. Please measure and package each meal in individual bags.
  • Medication-please bring in a per dose pill organizer (administration charge applies). We use pill pockets.
  • Toys, treats. You may bring a familiar item from home. A blanket without stuffing, a shirt etc. We don't accept anything with cedar chips or poly-fil. We need to be able to completely wash and dry whatever you may bring in case it would get wet from a water spill etc.
  • Please label everything.

Things you don't need to bring:

  • Bowls (we provide stainless steel dishes)
  • Bedding (we have blankets, rubberized rugs and dog beds with extra padding for pets with arthritis).


  • $25.00 a day - We charge the same way as hotel charges. All pets checking out after the morning hours will be charged a full day. Rate includes playtime daily and access to their own covered seventeen foot private patio.

Day Care:

  • $18 per day includes treats and playtime.

Additional playtime is $6.00 per half hour. Multiple pets will not be charged individually. We charge by the half hour and not by the number of pets for the play yard. Walks are $6.00 per half hour per pet.

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